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Megabass Vision Oneten 110 Max LBO SW

The Megabass Oneten Max LBO SW features the virtually frictionless moving balancer system, LBO II, to power dramatic casting distance and incredible action. The LBO II linear bearing system allows for super long-distance casting against headwinds despite the lure’s extremely realistic, slim body. Stable flight posture increases casting accuracy, making any target within range fair game. In addition, the LBO II provides for extraordinary responsiveness, leaping into position upon splashdown to power instantaneous action from the first turn of the handle. The delayed start-up action and sluggishness seen in past large minnows has been completely eliminated by the LBO II. The Oneten Max SW responds to rod work in an agile manner just like the original, while having the performance needed to strike at large bait targets such as seabass, flat fish, and more.

Length: 135mm
Weight: 20g
Depth: 1.8m

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