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MAPH LED Rod Tip Lights are the latest 2021 release.  Powered by a battery these LED Rod Tip Lights are super bright - much brighter than a glowstick!  They provide 30 hours of continual light and spare batteries are available.

To use them simply unscrew the top of the light and turn the battery around to activate it.  When you've finished using it simply unscrew it and turn the battery around to conserve the power.


  • 30 Hours of Light from 1 battery
  • Fits Rod Tips up to 2.5mm diameter - we use tape for larger diameters
  • Spare Batteries are available
  • Waterproof Design
  • Rainproof
  • Comes with 1 replaceable battery
  • Only use batteries made for this light
  • Each BR435 battery lasts up to 40 hours
  • LED Rod Light suits rod tips up to 3.6mm in diameter

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