Maggy Gara 250mm Limited Edition Ryukyu

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Maggy Gara Limited Edition Ryukyu Floating Stickbait

Maggy Gara lures are one of the top end Japanese made GT fishing stickbaits.

They are meticulously handcrafted from wood in very limited numbers on the Island of Okinawa in Japan.

The extremely limited edition Ryukyu series uses hand made in Okinawa Ryukyu-Washi paper dyed with traditional inks.  Layering this beautiful Ryukyu paper on the lures, coated in hard epoxy gives them an amazing, beautiful finish!

These magnificent lures are fully wired through to handle the largest GTs!  They have resulted in numerous 70kg+ GTs in Japan including an all tackle, shore based record.

Length - 250mm

Weight - 130g

Hook Recommendation - 4/0 BKK Raptor Z


70kg+ Shore Based All Tackle Record GT

70kg+ Shore Based GT All Tackle Record 2006

70kg+ Shore Based GT caught on Maggy Gara Stickbait

70kg+ Shore based GT Capture on Maggy Gara Stickbait