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Lucky Craft Gunfish 75F

The smallest of the family is the Gunfish 75 - a bite sized topwater. It has the same great walking and spitting action as its bigger brothers but excels when bass are keyed in on small baitfish. These situations are often challenging to anglers as bass ignore larger lures that do not “match the hatch” correctly. The Gunfish 75 is a light lure that can be fished on light line and baitcast rod or with spinning gear and offers a subtle topwater disturbance that will fool wary fish in tough conditions or heavily pressured fisheries.

-Slim tapered body
-Uniquely shaped-cupped mouth
-Concave face pops and throws water
-Tight "walk the dog" action
-Easy to cast for distance

Length: 75mm
Weight: 6.5g
Floating Walk-The-Dog Stickbait

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