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The Lonako LNK-ERS1 EVDS device has been approved by the Western Australia Department of Transport as an approved EVDS device.

The Lonako EVDS Electronic Signal Distress Light Flare  LNK-ERS1 is a portable devise to output SOS distress light signal under emergency situations. The product meets USCG 161.013 visual signal standards and considered relevant SOLAS standards. After it turned on manually It could continue to output SOS light signal for at least 20hrs with light intensity>75cd visual distance up to 10 kilometers.  It can be widely used for marine activities and outdoor activities such as rescue exploration hiking climbing etc.

  • Standard SOS distress signal portable light   
  • Meets USCG 161.013 and Meet COLRGS72 ANNEX Ⅳ visual signal standards   
  • > 20 working hrs over 75cd   
  • Visual distance up to 10 kilometers   
  • For USA /USCG boats: When it carried with included Flag It could replace Pyrotechnics flare   
  • Meet COLRGS72 ANNEX Ⅳ as internationally recognized distress signal   
  • Daytime Distress flag included
  • Requires 2 x C Batteries (not included)

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