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The Load Lures Rekluse 160S is a mid-sized, sinking stickbait designed to target the hardest fighting predators in the ocean.  Featuring a internal ballast and weighting system, this allows the lure to be stable in the water and fished at a variety of depths and speeds.  With a steady retrieve the Rekluse 160S has a strong side to side S action, strong tail kicks and massive amounts of flash which mimics a baitfish in distress.  This is the perfect lure for targeting everything from your GTs, monster Coral Trout, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna etc.


Fully Wired Through

Length - 160mm

Weight - 95g

Hook Recommendations:

Trebles - 3/0 BKK Raptors

Singles - 6/0 BKK Diablos

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