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Load Lures Instigator 200F

The Load Lures Instigator 200F is a hand-made, floating stickbait designed to target the largest predators in the ocean.  Years of persistence and engineering have gone into making the Instigator 200F one of the ultimate hand-made topwater stickbaits available.

The stickbait sits floating at a 45 degrees angle with its head sitting above water when rigged with 5/0 treble hooks like the BKK Raptor Z.  It has a great ability to hold in the water in rough conditions.  On a steady retrieve the Instigator 200F will swim in a loose S action and looks very lifelike.  Long downward sweeps of the rod will result in erratic side-to-side S swimming action with a bubble trail.

If you’re into targeting GTs, Kingfish, Dogtooth Tuna, Maori Wrasse, etc make sure to add an Instigator 200F to your lure arsenal!


Length - 200mm

Weight - 115g

Hook Recommendations:

Trebles - 5/0 - 6/0 BKK Raptor Z

Singles - 7/0 - 8/0 BKK Diablos

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