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Load Lures Diving Outlaw 180F Popper

The Load Lures Diving Outlaw 180F is a big popper with the extreme angler in mind!  With a 35mm Cup Face, the Diving Outlaw 180F is designed to provide tremendous action every retrieve.  With an innovatively designed contoured mouth, the Diving Outlaw 180F allows the lure to create massive amounts of splash while minimising the drag in the water.  With every sweep of the rod the Diving Outlaw 180F popper will creating a massive splash and then dive just beneath the surface with a tight sobbing action leaving a big bubble trail - keep winding and the lure will keep swimming subsurface.


Length - 180mm

Weight - 95g

Cup Face Size - 35mm

Trebles - BKK 5/0

Singles - BKK Diablo 8/0

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