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Little Jack Onliest 3.0

The Little Jack Onliest 3.0 shows its one-of-a-kind presence with its realistic form and flashing. In addition to the translucent reflector mounted inside, the lure features a lame coating and a grained finish that allows it to both hug and glamorize fabric. The belly eye and treble hook are standard features that allow anglers to target fish at the same time. The "double benefit" style targets squid and fish, from squid to reef fish and surf flounder.


Life-giving real eye & slim nose for sharpness
The slim nose minimizes resistance to water currents in order to reproduce a nimble dart action. The real eye also has a minimized connection to avoid generating unnecessary resistance.

Clear body that reproduces the comfort of cloth-wrapped hugs
In order to reproduce the countless unevenness on the body surface, a lame coating and a grainy finish on the body are used to achieve a hugging comfort similar to that of a cloth roll.

Translucent reflector for wide area appeal
The clear body allows maximum use of the effect of the built-in translucent reflector.

Appealing by painting each colour with either Keimura or glow
Almost all colours can be painted with either Keimura or glow paint for effective appeal in a wider range of situations.

Treble hook attached to the belly eye for targeting squid and fish at the same time
The treble hook attached to the belly eye allows anglers to target a wider variety of fish-eaters. It also improves the catch rate of squid chasing after the canner.

BKK hooks and canners are used.
BKK hooks, which are highly reliable in terms of sting and strength, are used.

Weight: 11.2g
Sink Rate: 3.5sec/m

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