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Keystone Egi Sharp 3.5 V1

Keystone squid jigs are made in Japan and they do not over look any aspect of the jig. The first thing you notice after picking up a Keystone, is the insane build quality. Nice textured, high-quality cloth laid perfectly over a solid rigid foam urethane body, make for a very tough, effective and robust squid jig, that is sure to catch squid after squid for many sessions to come. Keystone are the only company that build with a solid body, and it has been developed perfectly to achieve the ideal buoyancy and balance in the water, creating a very realistic and attention seeking action that is easily manipulated and controlled by the angler. This married up with the superb quality cloth and Keystone’s extensive colour range, without doubt, will draw the interest of even the weariest of cephalopods. Many different body shapes are also an option with Keystone so that you can make the most out of every fishing situation. Long Egis have a sharper, tighter action due to a drawn out long and skinny body, then there’s the Monro Egi with a fatter, stumpier body that has a wider and slower action, there’s even “food wrapping egi” which is a squid jig designed so that some bait can be wrapped to the top of the jig for when those squid are especially cautious; Keystone also produce a wide variety of sink rates. They make V0, V0+, V1, V2 and V3. Thus ensuring that no matter whether you are squidding weed beds in 1m of water or hitting the deep stuff chasing those angry 40cm hooders, there’s a Keystone squid jig to make sure you bag out!

Keystone Egi Sharp 3.5 V1 Specification:
Size: 3.5
Weight: 17g
Sink Rate: 3-4sec/m

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