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Jumprize Pipidevil 125S

The Jumprize Pipidevil 125S has an excellent action and high stability, making it perfect for catching bluefish that are not attracted to floating pencils. Its front rolling fall posture and track record on both shore and offshore makes it a top choice for catching bluefish and yellowfin tuna.

- High-strength laser cut plate wire is used.
- When capturing skipping, connect to the normal eye on days with waves, and use it properly with the slide eye on the upper part on calm days to dramatically improve fishing results.
- Connect to the slide eye, sink to the target range and gently pitch downward to activate the horizontal slide action.
- Fully compatible with Kihada's sardine dumpling pattern by using one front assist.

Length: 125mm
Weight: 51g
Sinking stickbait

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