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Jigging Master Gangster Shore Game Rod

JM specially developed three Gangster series shore games with high sensitivity, ultra strength, high quality , and super large guide rings for smooth casting! The high-performance carbon fibre material is used for the body so even if it suddenly encounters a monster fish, it can provide a proper force for a long time and increase the chances of hooking the target fish.

A wide range of high-performance rod is the secret weapon that allows you to overcome the sea.

1.JM Gangster Shore Game 982L / Lure 30~75g,PE: 0.8-2.0
2.JM Gangster Shore Game 982M / Lure 40~100g,PE: 2.0-4.0
3.JM Gangster Shore Game 982H / Lure 50~120g,PE: 3.0-6.0

※ Target of Fish:
#982L targets the small amberjacks that roams the shore.
#982M targets the large Mahi-Mahis and GTs that often strikes!
#982H is suitable for challenging the giants like monster size GTs and Mackerels.

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