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JM Evolution Fallings special Jigging Rod

JIGGING MASTER EVOLUTION FALLINGS SPECIAL rods are built with special advanced carbon fibre and wrapped with double layer of SLIT LOOP& X MESH carbon fibre, which results in stunning elasticity rods. EVO FALLINGS Series offer 3 types of Spinning rods and 4 types of Baitcasting rods. EVO FALLINGS Rods allow you the wider range of space when you pull or dance your jig and at the same time FALLINGS LIMITED Rods provide you a easy and rapid way to fight and conquer those giant and monster.

※ Model:
* #53BUL / #53SUL - Jig: 80~260g, PE:1.5-4 / 900 11kg,600 20kg
* # 52BL / #52SL - Jig: 100~300g, PE:3-6 / 900 13kg,600 25kg
* #50BML / #50SML - Jig: 200~450g, PE:4-8 / 900 16kg,600 30kg
* #50BMH - Jig: 280~550g, PE:5-10 / 900 18kg,600 36kg

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