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Jackall Transam 95

The Jackall Transam 95 has quickly become one of the most successful soft vibes to hit the shores of Australia. This lure has accounted for an incredible number of trophy Barramundi, Mulloway, Threadfin Salmon, Bass, Yellow Belly, Cod, Snapper, Flathead and the list goes on.

The Transam 95 differs from that of other vibes by utilising the tungsten weight system to help with the action of the lure. Its ability to vibrate at slower speeds and slalom on the drop has proven a winner amongst anglers. This lure is effective across a wide range of retrieves from vertically vibing through schools of fish or casting over flats and hopping back to the boat, its versatility is its biggest asset.

Available in a huge array of fish catching colours this lure is equally at home in both fresh and salt water. The Jackall Transam 95 is a must for any lure angler.

Jackall Transam 95 features
Length - 95mm
Weight - 20g

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