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Jackall Abbey Minnow 38SF

Even with a dead slow retrieve, or drifting with a slight wind or current, it has a firm action and high appeal. In addition to attracting fish from a wide range, it is suitable for a variety of actions such as steady reeling, drifting, twitching, stop & go, so it is ideal for pilot lures and is the most frequently used lure for rockfish plugging.

Equipped with a magnet centre-of-gravity movement system, it achieves outstanding flight distance and accuracy with a compact body of 38mm and a weight of 2.4g.

Adopted a "plankton scale" carved inside the body that resembles an aggregate of plankton and nets. It catches the night light and moonlight and diffuses and appeals.

Length: 38mm
Weight: 2.4g
Slow Floating

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