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The HPA Grandair Titanium 6.5" Pliers are made from the finest materials and are one of the highest end pliers on the market.  If you want THE ULTIMATE fishing pliers - these are for you!

Titanium and Tungsten Carbide

The HPA Grandair Titaniuum 6.5" Pliers are manufactured from forged titanium and then CNC Machined to very strict tolerances.

  • Titanium is 40% lighter than steel - the pliers only weigh 117g
  • Titanium has exceptional corrosion resistance even in a constant saltwater environment
  • Titanium is more rigid then aluminium so there is no need to add a stainless insert

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Inserts

Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard material used for tools subjected to high stress.

  • Tungsten carbide cutters have a much longer life than hardened steel tools.
  • The inserts of the pliers can be changed.
  • The pliers are delivered with a set of spare inserts.

The HPA Grandair Titanium 6.5" Pliers come with:

  • A Leather sheath
  • A HPA Nylon sheath
  • A extendable cord for the sheath
  • A set of spare tungsten carbide inserts
  • Weight - 117g
  • Length - 165mm / 6.5"

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