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The Grinder 8X Rock and Surf leader is the ultimate braided leader for abrasion resistance.  Developed in South Africa by surf fisherman needing the best abrasion resistance it’s now made its way onto the Australian Market.  Dull Green in colour the Grinder 8x Rock and Surf leader blends into its environment.  It also has the added advantage of tying super compact FG and PR knots for the best casting connections.  If you want the ultimate rock and surf fishing leader that will stand up to being dragged over reef, rocks and weed the Grinder 8X Rock and Surf leader is for you!


  • Dull green colour for blending into the environment
  • Super strong 8X braided leader for the ultimate abrasion resistance
  • Ultra low diameter for the breaking strain 
  • No stretch
  • Ties very compact FG and PR knots to braid for the best casting connection
  • Great for surf, rock and reef fishing as it will hold up to being dragged over harsh structure better than any other leader on the market
  • 150lb 50m PE12, 68kg, Diameter 0.59mm
  • 200lb 50m PE20, 90.7kg, Diameter 0.73mm

Dan with a GT Caught on Grinder 8X Braided Leader

Dan with a GT caught over a shallow flat on Grinder 8x Braided Leader

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