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Gomexus CA38 Super Light Round Cork Knob 38mm

The Gomexus CA38 Super Light Round Cork Knob 38mm is made of high-quality Portuguese natural cork, providing a comfortable and secure grip even in extreme conditions. Its excellent heat insulation and retention properties, along with its lightweight and anti-slip features, enable you to fully enjoy your fishing.

Portuguese natural cork
Comfortable grip
Non-slip surface

Gomexus CA38 Super Light Round Cork Knob 38mm Fitting

Reel Brand Reel Size (A-Z)

Curado DC
Exsence 3000 4000
Miravel 1000-5000
Nasci FC 1000-5000
Sahara FI 1000-5000
Sedona FI 1000-4000
Spheros SW 3000 4000
Stradic FL 1000-5000
Stradic Ci4/FK 1000-4000
Stella FJ 1000-5000
Stella FK 1000-5000
Sustain FI/FJ 2500-5000
Twin Power 2000-2500HG
Ultegra FB 1000-5000
Vanford 1000-5000

Ballistic LT 1000-6000
BG MQ 2500-5000
Certate LT 2500-5000
16 Certate HD 2500-4000
Exist LT 2000-5000
Fuego LT 1000-4000
Kage LT 1000-2500
Kage MQ LT 1000-4000
Legalis LT 1000-6000 (black and gold version)
Luvias LT 1000-4000
Procoyon MQ LT 4000
Regal LT 1000-3000
Saltist 2500-4500
Saltist Back Bay 3000 4000
Tatula LT 1000-4000
TD Black MQ

Drill Fitment
Daiwa BG
Daiwa Legalis LT (black and blue version)
Penn Battle/Fierce
Penn Pursuit/ Spinfisher/Slammer
Shimano Baitrunner OC/D
Shimano Nexave 4000 fe hg
Shimano Sienna FG

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