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Gomexus B45 CNC Knob - Shimano B

Upgrade your offshore saltwater fishing gear with the Gomexus B45 CNC Knob. It's a 45mm, aluminium round power knob, designed specifically for Shimano B reels, providing a comfortable and powerful grip while allowing you to catch a variety of species, including tuna and yellowfin.

Perfect for fighting with big fish
Drainage design
Easy to install

Gomexus B45 CNC Knob - Shimano B Specs

Reel Brand Reel Size

Ocea jigger 1500
Saragosa SW 5000-20000
Socorro SW
Speedmaster 12
Spheros SW 5000-8000
Stella FA 1000-5000
Stella SW 6000-20000
Stradic FJ/SW
Shimano XSE 14000
Tekota A
Thunnus Ci4 6000 8000 12000
Trinidad A
Twin Power SW
Twin power 8000fg
Ultegra Ci4 5500, 14000
Ultegra XTB XTC XTD 5500, 14000
Clash 5000-8000
Conflict 5000-8000
Okuma Azores XP 6000-16000

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