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The Gerber Salt RX Magniplier Needlenose pliers have been designed to be the toughest, salt resistant pliers around!

With a super ergonomic, slightly offset grip this allows maximum control and grip in tight places.

As far as fishing gear goes, pliers aren’t new to the scene. The tool itself isn’t groundbreaking and it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that fishing pliers had peaked. Gerber looked at the tool with fresh eyes and realized that the greatest opportunity lied in the ergonomics – power and control could be optimized with simple adjustments to the design of the fishing pliers.

With Bearhand Control™, the Magniplier positively engages with your hand for a solid, confident grip. Bearhand Control™ is an ergonomic control system comprised of three design elements that translate the power of the hand into power you can utilize in the tool. First, the space between the handles is purposeful – it is optimized to engage where the hand is strongest for maximum force. Second, an oversized finger choil is integrated as another place to rest the forefinger providing added stability. Last, the nose of pliers is off axis for improved line of sight and control when removing the hook from a fish’s mouth.

The pliers are a hot-forged aluminum construction, allowing the metal to be manipulated into the ergonomic design as well as give the pliers unrivaled strength. The spring-loaded pliers lessen hand fatigue and are held in check by a plunge lock – meaning the tool won’t open unexpectedly when you’re on the move or catching fish. The nylon sheath includes a belt loop, d-ring, and coiled plier lanyard and can be tethered from multiple points.

The Magniplier’s jaw tips are purposely biased open. There is a tolerance range for the gap, ensuring that the cutters will close completely and function as intended when gripping an object. The maximum end of the tolerance range allows the user to close the tips completely by squeezing slightly harder after the cutters have made contact with one another. Even the smallest hooks are able to be de-barbed and manipulated, despite the designed-in air gap at the tips.

It doesn’t matter if you are hiking in, wading in a river, or bobbing in a kayak, the Magniplier is built for the adventure. If you’re looking for innovative fly fishing pliers, kayak fishing pliers, or bass fishing pliers, look no further. The Magniplier is the only set you’ll need.

Gerber tools are built to last a lifetime. To ensure optimal performance, rinse your tool with fresh water and dry thoroughly with a clean towel. Apply oil to hinges and moving parts on a regular basis.

Gerber Magniplier RX Pliers

  • 1 Exchangeable jaw tips w/ outboard fasteners
  • 2 Exchangeable/reversible carbide cutters
  • 3 Plunge lock
  • 4 Angled shape/off axis
  • 5 Tether point to secure [lanyard included]
  • 6 Optimized space between handles for maximum control
  • 7 Finger Choil


  • Anodize Aluminium handles
  • Thumb lock
  • Ambidextrous tether points
  • Exchangeable jaws with tips
  • Exchangeable reversible carbide cutters
  • Optimised space between the handles for maximum control.
  • Sheath and lanyard included
  • Salt RX Treatment offers superior corrosion and wear protection

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