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Gan Craft Egi-Jya 3.5

Gan Craft Egi Jya is designed to achieve “Slow Dart” and “Clear Response and Motion.” Its fat body, and the flat upperpart, control the speed of dart. Flat upperpart also lets the angler know the change of tide, Egi’s action and the position in the water easily, which the existing Egi has never felt. Total balance of all parts such as the body, the weight and the hook restrains the Egi from rolling. Egi Jya is set to be located in the bottom quickly during freefall and to achieve the long time slow fall with keeping the horizontal posture in order for the squid to hold the Egi easily during maintaining line tension. It makes Egi’s Response and Motion (falland dart action) clear. Also, setting the thin sharpened hook accomplishes the squid to be hooked to Egi only by touching. This special hook makes the weed cut easily and the hit rate increase.

Size: 3.5
Weight: 23g

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