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Fisherman Super Stealth Shock Leader

Upgrade your fishing game with Fisherman Super Stealth Shock Leader. Renowned for its premium quality, this monofilament leader is the perfect addition to your fishing adventures. Dominate your catch with the ultimate strength and stealth of this leader. Put your trust in the best.

- Stealth Design: formulated for saltwater use and is a super clear line

- Absorber Design: built in stretch factor, minimising “blow ups” on hook-up.

- Designed for easy knot tying: Tested and formulated in climates ranging from -150 through to 400

- 2 Seed Strength Structure: Designed to provide maximum lure movement, with strong surface coatings. Result is a super supple leader that maintains great abrasion resistance!

- Economic spool sizes 60m per spool!

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