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FEED SaltWorx Offshore Casting

Offshore casting is raised to new levels with the Saltworx casting range.  Made to take control of Bluewater, rock or reef raids, the 73MH, and 75H models will cover all relevant lure weights.  For heavier Bluewater or GT application, there is the versatile 83GTH model which is the perfect all-rounder for both poppers and stickbaits.  These super-responsive blanks are produced using the latest technology by Major Craft and finished with the best Fuji components in general.

Model Length Pieces Lure Line
SWC-70ML 7'0" 2pc 40g PE2.5
SWC-73M 7'3" 2pc 50g PE3
SWC-73MH 7'3" 2pc 60g PE3
SWC-75H 7'5" 2pc 60g PE3
SWC-77H 7'7" 2pc 80g PE4
SWC-GT83H 8'3" 2pc 150g PE8
SWC-GT82X 8'2" 2pc 175g PE10
SWC-GT80XX 8'0" 2pc 200g PE10

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