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Evergreen Poseidon Spin Jerker Light

The PSPJ, they are a grandiose series of 6 spinning rods from the sea of the great Japanese brand Evergreen, wonderful rods with a great value for money.

A great series of Spinning rods, which like all the rods of the series Poseidon PSPJ, have introduced a new method of fishing Jigging for hunting to sea bass, tuna and more.

This series of rods they possess extraordinary power and flexibility, even more, surprising if we observe how subtle is the blank and their weight, these fantastic qualities are guaranteed by the composition of the stem with a high modulus from carbon.

The goodness of the sensitivity of the reel seat is absolutely fantastic, Evergreen has been able to transfer to our fingers even the smallest vibration that is exerted by the bait.

The rings are Fuji SIC Titanium-coated steel interior to guarantee durability and against corrosion.

The reel seat adopts a non-slip coating also very useful when it is completely wet, moreover the locking system "lock-up" allows you to fix the reel with maximum firmness, without any possibility of "loose".

With regard to the handgrip, Evergreen has decided to use the entire length of the handle to provide to the Poseidon PSPJ ultra sensitivity, moreover to guarantee the secure grip the entire handle is covered in EVA.

In end, it is important to remember that the whole series adopts the coating with cling film "Bonanza"such film protects the rod from scratches, dirtsun and weather.

The Spinning with a rod of the series Poseidon PSPJ will never be the sameEvergreen invites you to choose the model best suited to youthen you'll be to want to use always guaranteed!

Model Length Jig Weight Line Section
PSPJ 603L Spin Jerker Light 1.91m 60-150g (3oz) PE 2 1 Piece
PSPJ 603L-5 Spin Jerker Light 1.91m 120-250g (5oz) PE 2.5 1 Piece

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