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Evergreen Poseidon Spin Jerker

The Jig rod without peers, Poseidon by Evergreen Japan utilise the best in blank technology to bring the angler a light weight, high performance slow jig rod that has been engineered to take down demersal and pelagic species from every ocean on the planet.

Considered by many to be the finest jigging rods in the world the Poseidon range of rods are yet to be surpassed for quality and performance.

The Poseidon Jigging Rod Series offers an unprecedented new approach that always makes a difference in tough situations.

With a long development period, each one has its own unique flavoured blanks, several carefully examined parts, and the jigging rod series that has been carefully selected and completed.

However, the Poseidon jigging rod series is not complete. Further pursuit and development continue every day. Enter the new era with the Poseidon jigging rod series.

Product Features:

- Made in Japan

- Fuji Guides

- Full Grip

- Comes in Neoprene Evergreen Rod Bag

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