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Evergreen Cham Jig 7g

Metal jigs give users an advantage due to their excellent flight distance, fast search speed due to their speedy sinking speed, and appeal due to wave motion and flashing that are different from soft baits. The Chum Jig was created by combining the characteristics of these metal jigs with a special body design that was developed by light game experts in the field.

The body design that makes fishing special is a body design with a surprisingly simple colon and a tight centre of gravity. It was designed to take full advantage of the advantages unique to metal jigs, such as flight distance and sinking speed, while also realising the 'small grain form' and 'modest action' that are highly favoured by Horse Mackerel, Rockfish, and other light targets.

In the basic jerk and fall operation, a compact dart that does not fly too far reproduces the movement of a small fish running away, giving it a natural appeal, and a quiet fall that suppresses flapping creates an exquisite moment that allows even timid light targets to bite with confidence. It strongly induces part-time bites.

Of course, it is perfectly compatible with various operations such as free winding after sinking to the desired range, shaking retrieve, etc.

Length: 34mm
Weight: 7.0g
Hook: #14

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