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Ecogear Breamer Vibe 35

The "Breamer Vibe 35", which features a small shrimp-like body for long-distance casting and small vibrations, is an excellent search bait for Bream and Flathead. Prawns are the main meal for a lot of black bream, the natural colour that imitates crustaceans, combined with the small size, is effective even for nervous bream. The original Bream stylus setting combines high probability hooking performance and obstacle avoidance ability against bites that are unique to Bream. The two tow points allow you to adjust the way it swims, and if you set the rear point (closer to the hook) where the swim starts faster and the vibration is stronger, it is effective for spots such as bridge piers. On the other hand, if you set it to the front point (closer to the weight), the vibration will be tighter and you can explore a wide area at a good tempo in sandy areas and rubble areas. Basically, it is used for horizontal winding that takes advantage of its high range keeping performance, but it is also possible to attack obstacles vertically with lift and fall. The "Breamer Vibe 35", which is excellent in all aspects of long-distance throwing, operability, and appealing performance, is the best choice for Bream. 

Length: 35mm
Weight: 5.5g

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