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Decoy Spiral Snap

Changing the snap-clip scene, these can be attached and detached smoothly and quickly with no need to open anything when changing lures?! Easy snap closure, no need to open or close. The vent part also has a round bent shape, so it can handle any action without impairing the lure action. Soldering processing is applied to the eye seam area to eliminate concerns about strength, making it especially suitable for any fishing, which are mainly used in the cold season. I recommend it because you don't have to open or close it with your hands.

Just turn it through the eye! Designed to require no opening or closing.
Round vent shape that brings out lure action.
Soldering process (welding) is used to eliminate concerns about the strength of the eye seam.
Compatible with a variety of lures, from micro lures to sea bass lures, whether fresh or salt water.
Uses new material with strong elasticity and less metal fatigue.


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