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Daiwa SLP Works 40mm Carbon Light Handle

Unique handle with a variety of technologies that are lightweight and strong

The smooth-moulded carbon pipe aims for high dimensional strength and adopts TORAYCA T1100G carbon fibre that has been achieved through the development of aerospace and aerospace fields.

In addition, by combining multiple types of resins that act as an adhesive role in holding carbon fibres,

The use of Toray Co., Ltd. nano-alloy technology adapted to the Toray Co., Ltd., which has achieved high performance and high elasticity.

In addition, DAIWA uses the carbon technology that has been utilized, and the specially designed "Carbon Light Handle", which is significantly lighter than conventional machine cut handles.

The only one of a kind handle arm that combines the opposing elements such as lightweight, high strength and high elasticity.

Fitment Image

■Compatible models: LT1000 - 2000 sizes RCS 1000 - 2000 sizes

Not compatible with shaft through type

■ For area trout, light salt

*Please wash thoroughly under running water after using in saltwater.

■ Small size knob can be replaced.

■ Accessories: Ball Bearings (CRBB) x 2, Handle Knob Screw x 1, Washers x 4, Handle Cap Removal Pin x 1.

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