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Daiwa 20 Saltiga Spin

The new Daiwa Saltiga 2020 spin reel is an evolution in heavy-duty saltwater reel design.  Made in Japan and completely re-designed from the previous model, the 2020 Daiwa Saltiga spin reel has the most advanced features ever making it the ultimate saltwater spinning reel.

The brand new monocoque body has been designed to hold much larger internal gearing components.  This results in the brand new drive gear having more than double the strength of the previous model.

The new all aluminium Air Rotor delivers more than double the rigidity over the previous model whilst keeping the weight increase to a minimum.

The spool and drag have both been improved on the Daiwa Saltiga 2020 spin reel.  The new drag stack is capable of 25kg / 30kg of drag whilst still remaining totally smooth.  The spool features a long cast lip and a new radiation drag knob designed to efficiently dissipate heat under high drag pressures.

The Daiwa Saltiga 2020 spin reel has been designed to "Break Your Record" with ever piece carefully selected to help anglers achieve landing their dream catch. 

Model Bearings Drag Ratio Capacity Weight
8000-P 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 25kg 4.8:1 PE4 / 300m 645g
8000-H 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 25kg 5.8:1 PE4 / 300m 655g
10000-P 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 25kg 4.8:1 PE5 / 300m 645g
10000-H 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 25kg 5.8:1 PE5 / 300m 655g
14000-P 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 25kg 4.8:1 PE6 / 300m 655g
14000-XH 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 25kg 6.2:1 PE6 / 300m 665g
18000-P 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 30kg 4.5:1 PE8 / 300m 875g
18000-H 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 30kg 5.8:1 PE8 / 300m 885g
20000-H 12BB (6CRBB-2MSBB) 30kg 5.8:1 PE10 / 300m 890g

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