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Daiwa Infeet Spike 44 MR

Daiwa’s Spike 44 MR is the ultimate shad size crankbait which exhibits exceptional swimming action. The Spike 44 will swim at very slow speeds, essential for when the fishing gets tough and fish are timid.

The MR dives to a maximum of 6 feet, careful weight placement and a slender shape ensures the Spike 44 flies straight and goes long, allowing the angler to make the most of every cast. A blunt nose lip design aids in deflection characteristics, converting follows to bites and rolling over structure.

The Daiwa Infeet Spike 44 MR is fitted with high-quality split rings and BKK hooks and is ready to fish straight from the package.

Length: 44mm
Weight: 4.2g
Depth: 6ft / 1.8m

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