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Daiwa Bait Junkie Flick 2.95in

Daiwa’s Bait Junkie range of soft plastics continues to grow with the introduction of the new 295 Flick. A diminutive 2.95” (70mm) single tail flickbait, the 295 Flick was designed to be fished on a light jighead. Targeting shallow water and flicked off the bottom to imitate a small shrimp or baitfish which has darted up off the bottom and is then gliding back down.

The unique ‘Shovel’ tail was developed by Daiwa Australia to aid in the gliding motion of the bait on the fall, by pulling the tail upwards as it sinks it forces the body to gently meander back to the bottom which is when nearby predatory fish will strike. Made from Daiwa’s Elastomax material to offer buoyancy & stretch, the 295 Flick is a great addition to your soft plastics arsenal.


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