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Daiwa 24 Certate LT

The brand new 2024 Daiwa Certate LT is the new standard is refined power and high performance in spinning reels.

The 2024 Daiwa Certate LT features Daiwa's latest reel technologies:

  • Airdrive spool
  • Airdrive bail
  • Airdrive rotor
  • Airdrive shaft
  • ATD Type L drag system
  • Long Cast ABS Spool
  • Twistbuster III line twist prevention system
  • Magsealed
  • Tough Digigear
  • Monocoque Full Metal Body
Model Bearings Drag Ratio Capacity Weight
FC LT 2000S-P 10CRBB; 1RB 5kg 4.9 (64cm) PE0.4/200m 170g
FC LT 2500S 10CRBB; 1RB 5kg 5.1 (72cm) PE0.6/200m 175g
FC LT 2000-P 10CRBB; 1RB 5kg 4.9 (64cm) PE0.6/200m 170g
FC LT 2500 10CRBB; 1RB 5kg 5.1 (72cm) PE0.8/200m 175g
FC LT 2500-XH 10CRBB; 1RB 5kg 6.2 (87cm) PE0.8/200m 175g
LT 2500D 10CRBB; 1RB 10kg 5.2 (73cm) PE1.2/300m 205g
LT 3000D-CH 10CRBB; 1RB 10kg 5.7 (85cm) PE1.5/300m 205g
LT 3000D 10CRBB; 1RB 10kg 5.2 (77cm) PE1.5/300m 225g
LT 3000D-XH 10CRBB; 1RB 10kg 6.2 (93cm) PE1.5/300m 225g
LT 4000D-C-ARK 10CRBB; 1RB 12kg 5.2 (82cm) PE2/300m 255g
LT 4000D-CXH-ARK 10CRBB; 1RB 12kg 6.2 (99cm) PE2/300m 255g
LT 5000D-ARK 10CRBB; 1RB 12kg 5.2 (87cm) PE2.5/300m 305g
LT 5000D-XH-ARK 10CRBB; 1RB 12kg 6.2 (105cm) PE2.5/300m 305g

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