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Daiwa 23 TD Sol HD

A new introduction to the famous TD SOL family, the TD Sol HD has been developed to suit Australia’s harsh fishing conditions. A durable aluminium Monocoque (MQ) body houses Daiwa’s Tough Digigear design in a larger diameter than made possible with traditional spinning reel body designs. Airdrive Design has been included to reduce the reeling resistance when initially turning the handle. A new rotor design reduces the overall weight and Daiwa’s Airdrive Bail is constructed of a tubular structure but thinner than previous generations to further reduce weight. Fitted with carbon material drag washers sporting Daiwa’s ATD drag technology, the TD Sol HD is ready to rock right out of the box!

Model Ratio Weight Bearings Drag Capacity
2500D-H 5.7:1 (80cm) 230g 8+1 (5 CRBB) 10kg PE 1.2/300m
3000D-XH 6.2:1 (93cm) 255g 8+1 (5 CRBB) 10kg PE 1.5/300m
4000D-CXH 6.2:1 (99cm) 270g 8+1 (5 CRBB) 12kg PE 2/300m
5000D-CXH 6.2:1 (105cm) 270g 8+1 (5 CRBB) 12kg PE 2.5/300m

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