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Daiwa 23 TD Hyper

A third generation TD Hyper pays homage to the previous versions, whilst elevating the series to new heights in both performance and looks. A sleek new satin grey finish underpins core Daiwa technologies of HVF Nanoplus blanks outfitted with X45. A high-modulus carbon fibre, featuring bi-axial graphite cloth to reduce blank twist, resulting in a rod that feels crisp and responsive in the hand.

Adorned with Fuji’s latest anti-tangle ‘O’ ring guides which is a huge upgrade to the previous generation, the new anti-tangle shape reduces line trouble especially when fishing in windy conditions. Daiwa exclusive reel seats feature on all models, and are physically lighter than the previous models, further reducing overall rod weight and increasing sensitivity. An expansive range of actions, TD Hyper has a model to suit all scenarios from fresh to salt and north to south.

Model Type Length Pieces Line Lure
602LFS Spin 6'0" 2pc 1.5-3kg 2-10g
662ULFS Spin 6'6" 2pc 1-2kg 1-5g
702ULXS Spin 7'0" 2pc 1-2kg 1-5g
702LXS Spin 7'0" 2pc 1.5-3kg 2-10g
742ULFS Spin 7'4" 2pc 1-2kg 1-5g
762XHFS Spin 7'6" 2pc 7-15kg 25-80g

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