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Daiwa 23 Saltist Rod

Daiwa’s range of Saltist products are purpose built to withstand the rigors of Australian saltwater fishing. The new 23 Saltist rods offer reduced weight, increased responsiveness and a host of new models to suit all sorts of scenarios. Built off a responsive HVF graphite blank and featuring Braiding-X reinforcement throughout, Saltist rods are slim profile but extremely powerful.

New actions & tapers have been purpose designed to cater to popular fishing styles throughout Australia. Outfitted with a combination of Fuji ‘O’ ring Ocean guides & anti-tangle frames to offer the best line management possible for saltwater rods. Full EVA grips offer protection from rod holders whilst trolling or bait fishing and jigging specific models come standard with Fuji’s GRC gimbal appropriate butt caps to lock in.


Model Type Length Lure Weight Line Sections
B56-4/6 O/H
5'6"/168cm 150-300g PE 4-6 1
B56-6/8 O/H 5'6"/168cm 200-450g PE 6-8 1
B60-3/4 O/H 6'0"/183cm 150-250g PE 3-4 1
B60-4/6 O/H 6'0"/183cm 150-300g PE 4-6 1
B64-2/4 O/H 6'4"/193cm 60-120g PE 2-4 1



Model Type Length Lure Weight Line Sections
S56-1/3 Spin 5'6"/168cm 30-120g PE 1-3 1
S56-3/4 Spin 5'6"/168cm 100-200g PE 3-4 1
S56-4/6 Spin 5'6"/168cm 150-300g PE 4-6 1
S56-6/8 Spin 5'6"/168cm 200-350g PE 6-8 1
S60-1/2 Spin 6'0"/183cm 30-50g PE 1-2 1
S60-3/4 Spin 6'0"/183cm 100-200g PE 3-4 1
S62-2/3 Spin 6'2"/188cm 30-120g PE 2-3 1
S64-2/4 Spin 6'4"/193cm 60-120g PE 2-4 1
S69-4/8 Spin 6'9"/206cm 40-200g PE 4-8 1
S70-1/2 Spin 7'0"/213cm 20-40g PE 1-2 2(Butt)
S70-3/4 Spin 7'0"/213cm 30-90g PE 3-4 2(Butt)
S72-3/5 Spin 7'6"/229cm 30-90g PE 3-5 2(Butt)
S76-4/5 Spin 7'6"/229cm 40-120g PE 4-5 2(Butt)
S80-6/8 Spin 8'0"/244cm 100-200g PE 6-8 2(Butt)
S962-3/5 Spin 9'6"/290cm 50-120g PE 3-5 1

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