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Daiwa 23 Infeet Z

The Infeet family’s middle child, the Infeet Z range is arguably the best value rod you can get when looking for top-tier performance without the top-tier price tag. The new model, like its siblings receives multiple upgrades for 2023. A brand-new SVF Nanoplus graphite blank a significant upgrade to the previous model. Higher modulus graphite is lighter and stiffer, and therefore Daiwa engineers were able to make rod blanks even lighter than previous models, further enhancing sensitivity and feel.

X45X Full Shield graphite is also used throughout the entire length of the blank, significantly reducing the twisting forces applied to the blank. This technology provides a huge performance increase, which is noticeable when casting with added distance & accuracy the stand-out trait.

Equipped with a combination guide train made obvious with the changing colours of the thread wrapping. The largest guides bound in black are stainless steel framed Fuji SiC guides, and when the thread wraps change to white/orange this indicates the upgrade to Titanium framed SiC guides for a significant weight reduction on the tip.

This weight reduction increases sensitivity and improves overall balance. Daiwa’s Airsensor Neo-Traditional reel seat is a signature of the Infeet Z and the new and improved grip structure offers supreme comfort for all-day fishing sessions.

681LFS- The ultimate pontoon and boat hull soft plastics rod. A crazy sensitive tip section is the calling card of this model. A favourite amongst the Daiwa team, the 6’8” length is the perfect length for underhand skip casting from the front decks of boats and is equally at home walking the banks of small creeks for bass or trout.

702LRS- Every good range needs an allrounder and the 702LRS is just that. The perfect blend of power and precision, this model can do it all. A progressive taper is your friend when fishing treble hooked baits and this makes the 702LRS a great choice for crankbaits like the Infeet Spike, hardbody lures like the Double Clutch or even other treble hook baits like the Cranka Crab.

712LFS – The 712LFS was designed to cater to two distinct techniques. One is twitching hardbodies, the other is fishing ultra-light plastics. It has a softer tip and longer length than most of the other rods catered to twitching a hardbody, so it is more at home where you need extra casting distance. For plastics, it’s sweet spot is 1-40-1/12th.

732ULFS - Purposely designed to fish a metal vibe, the 732ULFS is a lighter version of the popular 732LFS. So, the same great taper, just in an ultra-light power. This makes it an excellent blade rod and Steve Morgan has also fell in love with this model for Bent Minnows.

732LFS- The ultimate long-cast plastics rod. Whether it’s a grub or minnow, the 732LFS is the best choice. A fast responsive tip for precise twitches and extra length to take up slack on a strike. This is every plastics angler’s dream. This model is stiffer than the popular 712LFS and therefore is more suited to heavier baits from 1/12 – 1/6oz.

742ULRS- A long-casting crankbait angler’s dream, the 742ULRS is one of our Daiwa team’s favourite models. An ultralight regular taper action is perfect for small light crankbaits and the use of titanium framed tip guides means this ultralight rod doesn’t feel like a noodle. Best suited to smaller crankbaits like Infeet Spike 44, Rollin’ Crank and Kodachi’s.

782LFS-ST- Now even better than ever, the ‘Crab Rod’ has been improved again with the addition of Daiwa’s Megatop solid tip. The new solid tip allows fish to take the lure without feeling any pressure, aiding in ensuring a solid hook-up in timid conditions. A rod made famous by Steve Morgan and the Cranka Crab, the 782LFS-ST is the third generation of ‘Crab Rod’ from Daiwa. lure.

Model Action Type Length Taper Lure Line Sections
681LFS Light Spin 6'8" Fast 1-7g 1-4kg 1
702LRS Light Spin 7'0" Reg 1-7g 1-4kg 2(Mid)
712LFS Light Spin 7'1" Fast 1-7g 1-4kg 2(Butt)
732ULFS Ultra-Light Spin 7'3" Fast 0.5-5g 0.5-3kg 2(Butt)
732LFS Light Spin 7'3" Fast 1-7g 1-4kg 2(Butt)
742ULRS Ultra-Light Spin 7'4" Reg 0.5-5g 0.5-3kg 2(Butt)
782LFS-ST Light Spin 7'8" Fast 2-10g 1-4kg 2(Mid)

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