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Daiwa 23 Infeet EX

The flagship of the Infeet family, the Infeet EX also receives an update for 2023. This time utilising Daiwa’s SVF Compile-X Nanoplus carbon in the blank making process, producing new actions with unmatched sensitivity. SVF Compile-X Nanoplus is the same graphite used in the flagship TD Battler AGS rods and offers Infeet fans the opportunity at a technique specific range with performance like never before. Incredibly lightweight and responsive, the Infeet EX also features X45X Full Shield technology, to resist twisting to produce a rod blank that feels crisp and responsive in hand.

A brand-new Daiwa concept, Zero Seat for spinning rods debuts in Infeet EX and is the latest reel seat technology. Made from an ultra-lightweight carbon infused resin material, Zero Seats are incredibly light weight, and this model emphasises comfort when paired together with lightweight slim rods and smaller spinning reels. A combination guide train is again used in the form of Fuji Titanium framed SiC guides for the largest 3 stripper guides, transitioning to Daiwa’s AGS carbon framed guides on the tip to save weight and increase performance.

Finally, on certain models Daiwa’s Megatop solid tip technology produces a solid graphite tip section which enables increased bite detection whilst exerting no pressure on the fish, perfect for timid bites and delicate offerings.

6101ULRS-ST- An interesting blend of a solid graphite fast tip section, with a moderate action ultralight blank makes the 6101ULRS-ST the undisputed finesse crankbait specialist. The Megatop solid tip section allows unprecedented pliability for when timid fish strike, they will feel no pressure allowing a more solid hook-set.

702LFS- Arguably the most popular rod in each series, the all-rounder is the rod in which you build your quiver around. The 702LFS is the ‘do-everything’ rod but is particularly effective with a single hooked lure like a Bait Junkie 2.5” Grub on the end with a light jighead.

712LFS- The cult favourite from the 20 Infeet Z range, now in a flagship model leaving no stone unturned to create the ultimate light tackle rod. An incredibly sensitive tip section with the perfect action to impart subtle twitches to either your favourite Bait Junkie or shallow jerkbait.

722ULFS – Specifically designed to excel at fishing metal blade and vibe style lures. Evolved from the 732ULFS Infeet SK model which has become a go-to rod for not only blades, but topwater lures as well, favoured by Steve Morgan. A personal favourite of Daiwa’s Tom Slater for ultralight soft plastics from unweighted through to 1/20th oz.

742ULRS- The ultralight crankbait rod in the EX line-up, this model is best suited to the smaller treble hook baits like Infeet Spike 44, Rollin’ Crank and Kodachi. A slow, parabolic taper prevents pulled hooks and when paired up with straight through fluorocarbon line, offers a system which ensures maximum landing ratio when fishing lures with the smallest hooks.

742LRS – If you’ve ever watched Daiwa’s Tom Slater fish his favourite Infeet Spike 44/53 crankbaits in the washy areas of the Hawkesbury River, you’ve seen the location that inspired this rod. A lengthened version of the previous generation 722LRS, the extra length gives more control to the angler to manipulate the line while fighting big fish. The extra stiffness over the UL model is welcome in amongst the wash and the extra length also helps with aiding casting distance.

742L+XS-ST- Mark Crompton’s love affair with Flickbaits and flats fishing created this model. Daiwa’s Megatop solid graphite tip section allows for even unweighted flickbaits like the Bait Junkie 295 Flick to be cast with ease, and the stiff powerful butt section allows a strong hook-set even at the end of the cast. The increased sensitivity of the SVF Compile-X Nanoplus graphite blank is a huge feature of this particular model.

752ULFS-ST- Steve Morgan’s brainchild for what a stick minnow rod should be. Long, soft but with responsiveness to feel timid bites on straight through fluorocarbon. He has also turned this rod into his ultralight crankbait option favouring the increased length and forgiveness of the Megatop solid graphite tip.

Model Action Type Length Taper Lure Line Sections
6101ULRS-ST Ultra-Light Spin 6'10" Reg 0.5-5g 0.5-3kg 1
702LFS Light Spin 7'0" Fast 1-7g 1-4kg 2(Mid)
712LFS Light Spin 7'1" Fast 1-7g 1-4kg 2(Butt)
722ULFS Ultra-Light Spin 7'2" Fast 0.5-5g 0.5-3kg 2(Butt)
742ULRS Ultra-Light Spin 7'4" Reg 0.5-5g 0.5-3kg 2(Butt)
742LFS Light Spin 7'4" Fast 1-7g 1-4kg 2(Butt)
742LRS Light Spin 7'4" Reg 1-7g 1-4kg 2(Butt)
742L+XS-ST Light Spin 7'4" X Fast 0.6-10g 1-5kg 2(Butt)
752ULFS-ST Ultra-Light Spin 7'5" Fast 0.5-5g 0.5-3kg 2(Butt)

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