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Daiwa 23 Aird LT

As bright & bold as ever, the 23 Aird builds on the fundamentals of Daiwa spinning reels by introducing Airdrive Design for the first time, into an affordable price-point spinning reel suitable for all anglers.

Airdrive Design is incorporated in the 23 Aird through Airdrive Rotor and Airdrive Bail.

The rotor is the most obvious and important change, with a significant weight reduction to the rotor unit, lightweight rotation is achieved. By reducing the weight of rotational mass, anglers will feel that the 23 Aird is easier to turn than ever, especially the start up inertia.

The new Airdrive bail is a great upgrade from the previous model, with a lighter weight construction further reducing the weight and lowering the start-up inertia even more.

The 23 Aird is built off the same carbon light body, making it rigid, sturdy and impervious to saltwater corrosion. Tough Digigear is installed inside the body to provide a powerful and smooth retrieve, and the comfortable EVA knob is a great quality-of-life upgrade for the keen angler.

Whether you're looking for your first, or fifth reel to add to the collection, you can't beat the performance and value that Aird brings, now with Airdrive Design, the 23 Aird is better than ever!

Size Ratio Bearings Drag Capacity Weight
2000 5.2:1 4+1BB (4BB; 1 RB) 5kg PE0.6 / 200m 435g
2500 5.3:1 4+1BB (4BB; 1 RB) 10kg PE0.8 / 200m 430g
3000-C 5.3:1 4+1BB (4BB; 1 RB) 10kg PE1 / 200m 595g
4000-C 5.2:1 4+1BB (4BB; 1 RB) 12kg PE1.5 / 200m 610g
5000-CH 5.6:1 4+1BB (4BB; 1 RB) 12kg PE2 / 300m 605g
6000-H 5.7:1 4+1BB (4BB; 1 RB) 12kg PE2.5 / 23 810g

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