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Daiwa 22 Infeet X

The 2022 Daiwa Infeet X is the latest finesses reel offering from Daiwa.  Featuring a Zaion V body, this keeps the reels very light while still retaining strength. The ABS Longast spool has been shown to increase the average cast distance by about 5%.

Both Infeet X reel’s exhibit shallow spools and slow gear ratios (2000S-P only) to perfectly cater to the preferences of light-tackle anglers. Next generation ATD Type-L drag is installed for the first time outside the 22 Exist to offer the best performance with light line. ATD Type-L lowers the start-up inertia of the drag system even more than previous ATD systems so that even the lightest 2lb line is protected when the fish strikes.

Fully equipped with CRBB corrosion resistant bearings and sporting Daiwa’s Magsealed technology the Infeet X is a perfect choice for the keen light-tackle angler looking for a new reel.

Model Ratio Weight Bearings Drag Capacity
2000S-P 4.8 185g 5CRBB; 1RB 5kg PE 0.4/200m
2500S 5.3 200g 5CRBB; 1RB 5kg PE 0.8/200m

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