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Daiwa 21 Saltist MQ

With a brand-new single piece aluminium Monocoque (MQ) body, the new Daiwa 21 Saltist MQ reel is now better equipped than ever to take on the rigors of Australian saltwater fishing and the hard fighting fish that call Australia home.

Arguably one of Daiwa’s most famous features, Magseal combines with the MQ body to make Saltist MQ one of the best protected reels from the harsh environment Daiwa has ever produced. The single piece Monocoque (MQ) body houses a larger diameter Tough Digigear transferring all of that power delivered through the handle to your line, ultimately stopping those fish in their tracks.

A tubular hollow Air Bail is also equipped on Saltist MQ, improving line management and line flow back into the line roller for unmatched performance with even the lightest braids in windy conditions.

Available in a full size range of 2500 up to 20000, Saltist MQ has something to cater to every corner of the country. Whether you’re looking for a strong and tough small spinning to fish our coastal estuaries and rivers, or a large heavy tackle spinning reel suited to casting lures & dropping baits for reef species and pelagics.

All Saltist MQ models are now also equipped with the Aluminium Round Knob to offer the best grip and stability.

If you’re looking for a new saltwater spinning reel capable of standing up to the test, look no further than the brand new Daiwa 21 Saltist MQ.


Model Ratio Bearings Capacity Weight Drag
2500D-H 5.7 6BB (1CRBB); 1RB PE1.2 / 300m 235g 10kg
3000D-XH 6.2 6BB (1CRBB); 1RB PE1.5 / 300m 270g 10kg
4000D-XH 6.2 6BB (1CRBB); 1RB PE2 / 300m 290g 12kg
5000D-H 5.7 6BB (1CRBB); 1RB PE2.5 / 300m 430g 12kg
6000D-H 5.7 6BB (1CRBB); 1RB PE3 / 300m 435g 12kg
8000-H 5.7 6BB (1CRBB); 1RB PE4 / 300m 620g 15kg
10000-H 5.7 6BB (1CRBB); 1RB PE5 / 300m 635g 15kg
14000-H 5.7 6BB (1CRBB); 1RB PE6 / 300m 630g 15kg
18000 5.3 6BB (1CRBB); 1RB PE8 / 300m 835g 20kg
20000 5.3 6BB (1CRBB); 1RB PE10 / 300m 840g 20kg

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