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Daiwa 21 Revelry MQ FC

The Daiwa 21 Revelry MQ FC is the ‘Finesse Custom’ offering, crafted from a single piece Monocoque (MQ) Zaion frame. The Revelry MQ FC is one of the lightest spinning reels in the Daiwa line up. By using the Zaion MQ body, the Revelry is equal parts tough as it is lightweight.

A large diameter fully forged and machine-cut aluminium Tough Digigear drive is equipped inside the MQ body, giving the Revelry MQ reels buttery smooth rotation and a long-lasting drivetrain. The machine-cut Tough Digigear gearing system is digitally designed to ensure ultimate gear precision, rotational smoothness, and strength.

Monocoque (MQ) reels do away with traditional two-piece body design, instead replacing the sideplate with a large direct screw-in engine plate. This design nullifies the need for the screws and therefore, the extra material required on the main frame for a threaded hole to accept the screw. One piece Monocoque bodies are therefore more compact than their traditional counterparts, and as a result of that design the size of drive gear which can be installed is maximised. 

Model Ratio Bearings Capacity Weight Drag
2000S 5.1 8BB (4CRBB); 1RB PE0.4 / 300m 165g 5kg
2500 5.2 8BB (4CRBB); 1RB PE0.8 / 200m 185g 10kg
2500S 5.2 8BB (4CRBB); 1RB PE0.6 / 200m 190g 5kg
3000 5.2 8BB (4CRBB); 1RB PE1 / 200m 215g 10kg

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