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Daiwa 20 Saltist Hyper

Any product carrying the Saltist name invokes a level of trust and dependability few others can match. The original Saltist Hyper is arguably the cause of such a feeling, with thousands of anglers Australia wide relying on the rods during some of their most memorable moments on the water. Now in 2020, a new generation of Saltist Hyper is here, leveraging all of Daiwa’s advancements in rod technology.

The blank of the all new 20 Saltist Hyper is where the bulk of the advancements have been made, X45X Full Shield’s ability to increase torsional stiffness works wonders on offshore rods, where casting performance using heavy weight lures can often mean the difference between catching a fish and going home empty handed. 20 Saltist Hyper rods feel crisper & more responsive than their predecessors, and outcast and outperform them across all levels. The distinct blue colouration of Saltist Hyper continues, but this time it is clear so all anglers can see the distinct pattern that X45X Full Shield leaves behind.

A newly developed grip section catches the eye thanks to the unique spiral foregrip. First made popular on the Daiwa Tatula range of baitcast rods, the spiral grip reassures a firm grasp, even when wet. As always, quality Fuji components outfit the 20 Saltist Hyper series from the newly released Corrosion Control (CC) Fuji ‘O’ ring guides and Fuji branded reel seats and butt caps.

The 20 Saltist Hyper brings with it a host of new actions dedicated to the growth in the lure casting sportfishing market that is so prevalent in coastal Australian waterways. Whether its throwing stickbaits for tuna or reef species over shallow coral flats, or throwing a timber hardbody off the break walls of the northern rivers for Mulloway, there’s now a 20 Saltist Hyper for almost every conceivable mission.

Model Type Sections Length Lure Line
JIG SPIN S53-3/4 Spin 1 5'3" Max 200g PE 3-4
JIG SPIN S53-5/6 Spin 1 5'3" Max 300g PE 5-6
COMBI JERK S64-2/4 Spin 2 6'4" 60-120g PE 2-4
MULTI-TOOL S702-3/4 Spin 2 7'0" 60-120g PE 3-4
STICKBAITER S792-4/6 Spin 2 7'9" 60-120g PE 4-6
GT POPPER S79-8/10 Spin 2-Butt 7'9" 150-300g PE 8-10
HEAVY ROCK SPECIAL S96-4/6 Spin 2 9'6" 60-150g PE 4-6
ALLROUNDER S71-2/3 Spin 2-Butt 7'1" 15-45g PE 2-3
CASTING BLUEBACKER S76-4/6 Spin 2-Butt 7'6" 35-100g PE 4-6
POWER ROUNDER S74-3/5 Spin 2-Butt 7'4" 30-90g PE 3-5
M-OVER S80-2/4 Spin 2-Butt 8'0" 20-70g PE 2-4
LIGHT ROCK SPECIAL S902-2/4 Spin 2 9'0" 20-90g PE 2-4
LIGHT JIG SPIN S56-2/3 Spin 1 5'6" 80-180g PE 2-3
KITCHEN SINK S69-4/8 Spin 1 6'9" 40-200g PE 3-8
HIRAMASA S63-4/5 Spin 1 6'3" 200-300g PE 4-5
JIG OVERHEAD B53-3/4 Overhead 1 5'3" Max 200g PE 3-4
HEAVY JIG OVERHEAD B53-5/6 Overhead 1 5'3" Max 300g PE 5-6

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