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Daiwa 20 Legalis LT

A reel for the masses – the brand-new Daiwa 20 Legalis LT, incorporating Zaion V construction. The heart of this redesign is Daiwa’s brand-new Zaion V material, upgrading the Legalis LT significantly from the previous Carbon Light body. Zaion V is not only lighter, but also much stronger, delivering a reel body with minimal flex and movement and increased durability, especially in larger reel sizes.

Zaion V is equipped in both the body and the rotor, making the new Legalis not only much stronger, but also lighter, than previous models.

As with all LT concept reels, Tough Digigear design has produced a gear which is stronger and smoother than previous versions and the new architecture ABS LC spool design and encased ATD Drag system provides unmatched performance.

Model Bearings Ratio Drag Capacity Weight
2000D 5BB, 1RB 5.2:1 5kg PE0.8 / 300m 185g
2500D 5BB, 1RB 5.3:1 10kg PE1.2 / 300m 205g
3000D-C 5BB, 1RB 5.3:1 10kg PE1.5 / 300m 215g
4000D-C 5BB, 1RB 5.2:1 12kg PE2 / 300m 235g
5000D-C 5BB, 1RB 5.2:1 12kg PE2.5 / 300m 240g
6000D 5BB, 1RB 5.1:1 12kg PE3 / 300m 315g

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