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Custom Tied Bucktail Jig tied on TT Tournament 1/6oz #1/0

Bucktail Jigs are one of the original lures and have been around for many years.  Bucktail material has an irresistible natural, fish enticing movement in the water.  These simple lures are astonishingly deadly on many fish species.

Our fly tying team has been using their skills to whip these up in store for our customers.  We quickly found out there is a huge demand for these custom Bucktails as they work extremely well!  In the Swan River they've accounted for Flathead, Flounder, Bream, Herring, Skippy, Giant Herring, Tailor and more!

We tie these on quality TT Tournament 1/6oz Jig Heads and use top quality bucktails and crystal flash.  They are all whip finished and coated with Loon UV Finish for extra durability.

Get the highest quality tied bucktails, hand tied and made right here in Perth from Compleat Angler Nedlands.

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