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Cranka Crank Deep 35

The Cranka Crank Deep 35 is small, 35mm, deep diving crankbait that is designed to suspend in brackish water. This lure has a tight action at the head with a nice wide tail action perfectly suited to slow rolling, twitching or jerking. This lure is perfect for a wide variety of different fish species including but not limited to Bream, Trout, Bass, Perch and many other estuarine and freshwater species. The Cranka 35mm Deep Crank is available in a range of very natural prey item colours.

35mm Deep Crankbait
Weighs 3.6 Grams
Fitted with Decoy Trebles and High Quality Japanese Split Rings
Suspends in Saltwater
Long Casting Due To Its Compact Design
Dive Depth 1.6m – 2m
Colours Based On Natural Prey Items
Subtle Knocking Sound Output Swim Action

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