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Cranka Crab 50mm Heavy

The Cranka Crab 50mm Heavy is a unique, ‘World First’ Crab lure design that incorporates more than 10 years of solid research, design and development into bringing this product to the market. The Cranka Crab, (Treble Hook Model 50mm HEAVY) is 5.9 grams in weight and is a unique Hard/Soft Hybrid Crab lure design. This model measures 50mm across its soft legs and 18mm across its hard shell. This lure won the converted ‘Best New Hard Lure’ award at the Australian Fishing Tackle Association (AFTA) trade show on its debut market launch. Since it’s market release, the Cranka Crab has accumulated many angling tournament wins to its name… including a World Hobie Kayak Championship title, an Australian Bream Tournament (ABT) Championship, many Australian Bream Tournament Event wins, and countless other angling tournament victories. This award winning lure was originally designed to target fish from the Acanthopagrus genus which includes fish species commonly referred to as Bream within Australia. In addition to becoming the go to lure for anglers targeting Australian Bream, the Cranka Crab has also proven to be highly effective on a wide variety of fish species the world over. To date, the Cranka Crab has proven itself on many global fish species such as Bonefish, Permit, Sheepshead, Redfish, Drum, Tripletail, Bass, Spotted Trout, Snook, Trevally, Whiting, Snapper, Two Bar Seabream and Flathead to name but a few!

The unique advantages of the Treble Hook Model Cranka Crab over and above other common lure designs lies is in its ‘Patent Pending’ unique floating claw/ treble hook design. The claws of the Cranka Crab lure are made from highly resilient, buoyant foam material which is precision cut and then handtied to the highest quality treble hooks available so as to form realistic crab claws. This unique buoyant foam claw design causes the treble hooks to float up above the crab’s body when the lure is in water. This floating / raised claw design accurately mimics the natural claw up stance of a real defensive crab. With the claws / hooks raised up off the bottom and floating in the natural defensive crab position, this lure has the unique ability to crawl along the seabed in a snag resistant manner while looking exactly like a real crab crawling over the seabed!

Other unique features of this Crab lure design include; realistic tough and durable soft plastic legs, tungsten base plate / belly weight that ensures that your crab lure always lands upright and ensures durability while enticingly crawling over rubble, rocks and reef, a through wire design that keeps you securely connected direct to the fish, highest quality razor sharp and strong Japanese treble hooks!

The Cranka Crab 50mm Heavy is the perfect lure choice when you are looking for a crab lure to fish in deeper water or where longer casts are required.

Cranka Crab 50mm Heavy features:
50mm Across the Legs
18mm Shell Width
Weighs 5.9 Grams
Fit with highest Quality #14 DECOY Y-S25 Treble Hooks
Faster Crab sink rate for deeper water
Floating Claws Mimicking a Real Defensive Crab
Snag resistant floating hook design
Solid through wire connection
Fishable Depth 0 – 30m


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