Breaden Egimaru 3.0 Deep

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Without a doubt the finest squid jig in the world.

Breaden jigs are made with only quality components, and are one of the only jigs to be made in Japan today. Featuring solid body construction, the finest ultra strong, extra sharp barbs, cloths and weights, these quality jigs will last many years of punishment. With shallow, normal, deep and super deep sink rates there is always a jig to suit the conditions. 

The development of modern squid jigs, with multiple sinking speeds in the same body size (shallow, deep etc.), to be used with a variety of PE lines, establishing new eging styles, solid colors with excellent visibility, slim bodies, natural colors, metallic color… all these concepts have become standard now at Breaden squid jigs.

The concept of the Breaden squid jigs can be summed up in the phrase “Natural sense of life that can exist in lures" and the new Breaden baits have finally reached this stage, by thoroughly pursuing the life feeling (performance) that can exist in nature, excluding all factors that can potentially hinder the reaction of a squid. The Breaden Egimaru will easily reach their top speed from a standing stance, just like a real fish, when jerking your rod.

The Breaden Deep 3.0 model has been created for squids lurking in the bottom and deep areas such as steep watersheds. The Deep 3.5 size has taken part in major championships and has always been among the winners and top finishers. Their fall speed and casting distance are among their top performing characteristics, while their balanced action causes monster squids lurking in the bottom to react.

Technical Characteristics






F -12g D - 14g 

11 cm



F - 18g D - 20g SD - 23g