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Bone Voyage Travel Rods

The Voyage Series of rods was designed specifically for the travelling angler who requires more confidence in a travel rod. The highlight feature is the elimination of uneven spread of weight in each joint, achieving a smooth bend when the rod is loaded, yet maintaining its durability, versatility, and adaptability.

Available in both spinning and baitcasting variations, these fast action, 4 piece rods are equipped with high modulus carbon fibre layers with cross weaves, which makes it lighter and stiffer, Fuji K-Alconite guides for ultra sensitivity, and an enhanced butt section with the X-GRIP wrap for superior power. Each rod comes with individual piece warranty, and an awesome pouch for convenient handling.

The Voyage Expedition Series is the upgraded version of the current Voyage series of rods and was designed for a more specific usage. Each new model has an upgrade blank which utilizes TORAYCA’s latest technology carbon sheets, Fuji PTS reel seats and a redesigned locking nut. 

Model Type Length Line Lure Pieces Weight
BEC684XXXH B/Cast 6'8" PE3-6 14-140g 4pce 154g
BVS664H Spin 6'6" PE1-2.5 10-40g 4pce 134g
BVS704XH Spin 7'0" PE1.5-3 14-70g 4pce 142g
BVS734MH Spin 7'3" PE1-2.5 7-35g 4pce 140g
BVS764XXH Spin 7'6" PE2-4 21-90g 4pce 181g

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