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Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel Light 2.9g

Blue Lip Baits Micro Mussel Light 2.9g is the latest release in Bream lures!  Built tough for Australia fishing conditions, the Micro Mussel is a super realistic lure designed to imitate a Blue Mussel and target Black Bream and other estuarine species.  They are most effective when cast near structure and areas where mussels are naturally found like bridges, jetties, pontoons, boats and submerged timber.  Let the lure slowly drift down and sit or give it short sharp lifts to entice the fish to eat.

Designed and tested by tournament anglers in Western Australia these have proven to be very successful in targeting big black bream.

  • Through Wired
  • Solid Super Tough Body
  • Impact Resistant
  • Weight 2.9g
  • Approximately 3cm long
  • Designed and Made in Australia

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